There is a movement with North Carolina brewers called Craft Freedom which if it becomes law will lift the 25,000 bbl cap on production and self-distribution. Currently if your production is below the limit you can self-distribute, but if you make more that the limit you must use distribution. The limit was arbitrarily set many years ago and now some breweries have increased production to the point it is stopping growth and they want to change the law. Most breweries in NC go with a distributor so they don’t have to invest in the trucks and personnel required to distribute their beer. Some distribute their own beer to keep the quality as high as possible by maintaining control over the product from the raw ingredients all the way to the retailer. The Craft Freedom movement is not without opponents and two of them are strange indeed.

So first let’s look at Doctor Reverend Mark Creech. For sure he is a Reverend or has been claiming that title for years. I’ve not seen his C.V. so it is not clear which correspondence course he used to get that title, but more recently he has been using the title of Dr. I’m confident he did not go to med school or to vet school so that would lead one to believe he now has earned a Ph.D. or Th.D., but I have my doubts as to either. If the leader of the Christian Action League (CAL) earned a new title one would think they would preach it from the mountaintops, but it’s just a title which began to be used in association with Screech in 2015. Since I believe the Dr. title to be a false one, oh my, a lying preacher, I’m just gonna refer to him as Screech. Our other player in this tragedy is Tim Kent. We’ve posted about Timmay before and he is from the North Carolina Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association. Tim wants to do everything possible to ensure every beer or wine in the state has to be touched by some business which is part of his association. What he fails to realize is these breweries are not currently being served by a distributor and will quash production rather than grow so they will not be served by a distributor in the future either. Screech OTOH believes the 3-tier system will collapse and children will have access to beer sold in candy stores if the 25,000 bbl self-distribution limit is lifted. This is the same douchebag who tried to stop distillers from being able to sell one single bottle of their product per year at the distillery and also tried to stop Pop The Cap from happening. While I despise him I will admit his message is clear, if alcohol is in the legislation in any way shape or form he is against it.

So based on a quote on the CAL website from Tim Kent I think this two boyz are in cahoots. Timmay has probably bent Screech’s ear about the collapse of the 3-tier system and babies drinking self-distributed beer from bottles and Screech has eaten it up with a spoon. Both of these guys are bad news for NC. Tim Kent is a sleazy behind the scenes lobbyist with agendas which do nothing for craft beer in NC, and Mark Creech is so blinded by hatred and bigotry he cannot get off his high horse long enough to think intelligently. He was so inflamed about Pop The Cap passing he still rants about it from time to time on his website. He is a crackpot, a flake, and now apparently a Doctor. Perhaps if Creech catches wind of this post he will supply his credentials with herer and when he finished up those degrees. Neither of these lobbyists are good for North Carolina and certainly neither is a friend to craft beer. Makes me wonder if they were separated at birth.