I recently read an article indicating SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute) had published guidelines for salvaging wet ammo. That got me thinking about all the stories you hear on the news about salvaged automobiles following a flood and to be careful. Once my wife ordered some ammo and when it came several of the boxes and cartridges appeared to be corroded so we sent it back and have never ordered from that supplier again. I would suggest avoiding ammo which you know is salvaged from floodwaters or any which it does not come in the original unblemished packaging if the supplier is located in an area which has recently had a flood. I’ve not heard of someone repackaging ammo which has been affected by water, but I wouldn’t put it past an unscrupulous retailer. A pallet of ammo is expensive and is also difficult to raise off the floor so a storm surge or flood could certainly affect quite a bit of ammo in a very short time. My suggestions are simple, purchase new ammo from reputable sources and check to be sure the original boxes are intact and do not appear to be wet and the cartridges are not corroded. If all is well in that regard then you should not encounter any problems with the ammo, even if the source is in an area which had a recent flood.