The short answer is if you don’t want a gun, then no, don’t get one. I would suggest you arm yourself with something other than a phone to call for help. If you are depending on help arriving when seconds count, they will actually be minutes away. So that leads to the question of what to arm yourself with. Again the short answer is something which will not ultimately be used against you. So if you think a baseball bat is going to be your salvation, can you actually swing it with force in a tight hallway? How about a large knife, could you bring yourself to be that close to an intruder meaning to do you harm? You might think pepper spray would be the trick, but inside you are probably going to be subjected to the fumes as would be the attacker. A Taser could be a good non-lethal solution, but you will need some training and to be within range. But if you are dead set against a firearm, then again, don’t get one.

So for those who are not opposed to firearms do you need a gun. The answer is it depends. If you know how and when to properly use it, then by all means get one for protection. Keep in mind in most places in the US you will need a permit to have it with you concealed and there will be places you cannot take it. Those places are gun-free zones and you may not want to be there anyway because they are easy targets for predators and crime. As the meme below states if the government tells you there is no reason for a firearm you might want to stock up. Have you ever seen the government tell you something which did not turn out to be true or say something only to later have to reverse the statement? If you answered no to that you have your head in the sand, placing 100% trust in the government is a bad idea. Always keep a healthy level of skepticism and if you feel you are being lied to and manipulated there probably is some level of that happening.

In most neighborhoods you are safe when you step outside, but if I was in Chicago and could not move elsewhere I would be armed at all times. A 71 year-old man was watering his lawn when he was robbed and shot this week by thugs. Think about it, at home, watering your lawn and not bothering anyone when thugs on bicycles ride up, demand your wallet, and shoot you when you don’t immediately give in to their demands. If you live in a place such as this you need any means of protection you can muster. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and yet has a ridiculous number of shootings and homicides. Laws do not make you safe from criminals, they only affect law-abiding citizens or allow prosecution of criminals after they commit a crime. Always refuse to be a victim and that may ultimately mean you need a gun for protection.