Of course legally we do need to worry about the NFA (National Firearms Act), but I’m not so sure we need to have the bureaucratic red tape and expense involved to own certain firearms. The NFA was established in 1934 in an effort to stop gang crime. Think Al Copone, not Bloods and Crips. It was an era of speakeasies and illegal liquor with Tommyguns and sawed off shotguns. So here’s the reality in 2016. If someone wants to saw off a shotgun or a rifle and use it in a crime they can and will do it. It is currently a crime to possess those firearms without the applicable paperwork and tax stamps. My personal belief is automatic firearms should remain under the NFA rules, but suppressors, SBRs, and even short shotguns should become the same as other firearms. Heck, I’m actually good with those firearms being registered in some manner, but we all know someone who would take a hacksaw blade to a shotgun is not going to do that in the first place. One reason it makes no sense to have the NFA rules is you can now buy a handgun which will chamber shotgun rounds so why is it all of a sudden wrong to have a shotgun with a short barrel? I can hide a pistol much easier than a shotgun with a stock so the argument regarding concealment of the shotgun is just simply not viable. Suppressors are not silent and are not what one sees in motion pictures. They lessen the sound and that is a good thing. Short barreled rifles come in a variety of flavors, but it’s ridiculous to say they are NFA when you can have a pistol variant of an AR and the only difference in the two is a stock. I think if we would negate the NFA rules for the most part the ATF would be able to focus on what they should which is eliminating the criminal element as opposed to delays and red tape for law-abiding citizens.