If you are a fan of the older firearms, as I am, then you have probably considered whether or not to get a C&R (Curio and Relic) license AKA FFL 03. The allure is being able to have firearms delivered to your address without having to go to another business. Their are record keeping requirements which are not cumbersome, but the ATF could conceivably visit and ask to see those records and the firearms. The downside is the number of C&R pistols out there for you to purchase is limited. Basically what you will find is the P64, Tokarev, and Star Model B. You would think it would be easy to get a Makarov, but only those of Russian origin are listed the more prevalent Bulgarian are not C&R firearms. There are a host of old firearms which are on the list, but the seller may not honor your C&R if you go in with a signed copy. For that reason the best way to use it is on the web as opposed to showing up in person. If you love rifles then a C&R is something you should certainly get to collect them. Before you go through the process it would advisable to spend some time looking at the list of C&R firearms on the ATF list to make sure there are enough on it which might interest you. The forms for the license are on the ATF website and the application process is straightforward and easy. So if you are interested in old firearms definitely check into it, but if your focus is handguns I would suggest you take a pass unless the application fees are less in total than what you would spend to transfer the handguns at your local FFL.