Yesterday one of the local malls was locked down and evacuated after mall patrons reported hearing gunshots. After all was said and done no one with gunshot injuries was found, no gun was found, no casings were found, and no bullets have been recovered. Let’s go through those one by one. No injuries would only indicate the shooter missed their target if it was a person. No gun would indicate the shooter tucked the firearm away after firing off the shots and left the mall without incident. No casings would mean the firearm was a type which retained the casings and the only realistic example of an easily concealable firearm which would not eject the casing would be a revolver. The absence of bullets or bullet fragments would indicate they just have not found them yet, or they were never fired off in the first place. Here’s the rub, most people today use a semi-automatic pistol and not a revolver. Since no casings and no bullets were located, no one with injuries was located, and no firearm was located I believe it never happened in the first place. People certainly heard loud bangs, but I have my doubts on them being gunshots. I may have to revise my position if more information of video emerges, but right now it sounds like an example of people overreacting to a loud sound. In some ways this was good because it gives the Raleigh Police Department an opportunity to train and learn. What I hope is this was not a ruse constructed to draw police to the mall and to allow the criminal element to carry out another crime at the same time while law enforcement sorted out and controlled the situation at the mall.