Recently a long running homebrew competition in NC pulled the plug over some NCABC/ALE interpretation of the law. All of a sudden a homebrewing competition with a 17 year history is doing something wrong because some agent or staff member interpreted something to mean a homebrew competition is verboten. This does not compute on so many levels especially when you consider the State of NC through the North Carolina State Fair has a homebrew competition as part of the fair activities. We’ve seen some asinine behavior from agents at events in the past, but this one takes the cake. There is a grassroots effort to work on the statutes surrounding homebrew, but basically to allow it to be served at festivals. I really could care less if homebrew can be served at festivals, but when they start to impact competitions that is my call to action. Stay tuned as I get more information I will post it and your support will be needed to quash this anti-homebrew agenda!