The first time I tried Kentucky Vintage my palate must have been haywire because I truly did not care for it much and left the bottle to sit and gather dust after our first experience together. At a $30 price point the bottle wasn’t exactly bargain and I don’t like spending money on boring products. Over time I thought I should revisit Kentucky Vintage and I must say it is much better than my first impression led me to believe. KV is part of the Willett family and with 90 proof does not present overly hot and burning. The flavor and aroma brought out some wooden oak and smoke notes, brown sugar, and light spicy pepper. I would not call it overly complex, but as I mentioned the flavor does seem to grown on you with time. I think the SOP with this Bourbon should be to have it with a fresh palate and at a setting where you can allow yourself to pick out the subtleties in the flavor and aroma. While I would not run and shout from the mountain about this Bourbon, it is a nice one to have around when you want something a little less bold, but still with a decent level of character. Give it a whirl if you find it at a reasonable price!