The current agenda being pushed in the PC world we live in would suggest if someone says Black Lives Matter and another person responds All Lives Matter the second person is insensitive and potentially racist. If that is the way of the world today then let’s adopt a policy where gun comments or sayings cannot be used in written or spoken conversation by gun control advocates. I thought it might be useful to create a list of words and phrases which are insensitive and only promote gun culture. So if you are a gun control advocate and you have used these phrases in the past, please stop immediately and remind your fellow gun control advocates to do the same. TIA

Riding Shotgun (Calling Shotgun)
Bite The Bullet
Under The Gun
Pull The Trigger
Flash In The Pan
Shoot From The Hip
Silver Bullet
Shoot Yourself In The Foot
Smoking Gun
Parting Shot
In The Crosshairs
Shooting Fish In A Barrel
Straight Shooter
Shot Down In Flames
Shot Across The Bow
Shotgun Marriage
Take Your Best Shot
Point And Shoot
Blown Away
Hair Trigger
Sweating Bullets
…and many others…