For National IPA Day I needed something to celebrate so I went to a store which was close by and selected an IPA I was sure I had not yet consumed. I’ve been cleaning out the fridge as of late and have not been to the store much all summer so the cupboard was bare in terms of new IPAs. As a backup I also picked up a rather expensive can of Samuel Adams Nitro IPA. I believe it was three beans which is a bit much for a canned beer from Sam Adams IMO. Anyway, I figured what the heck at least I would have a backup. So I go to drink my delicious IPA I had never consumed before and you guessed it, I had it earlier this year. Since I wanted something new for IPA Day I went back to the DBF and switched out the bottle for the can. As was suggested I poured the 7.5% ABV beer into a glass and captured a photo as the cascading effect of nitro went to work. The aroma was quite nice with a strong citrus impression, unfortunately that is kinda where it ends. The nitro made the beer seem watery and masked the malt backbone required in an IPA. It was more of an overbittered hop water than anything else. It was not awful by any means, but I’m just not convinced hop centric beers should be served via nitro. Something about the smooth creaminess the nitro creates doesn’t play well with hop flavors. Now the interesting thing was when I went to get my second IPA their was still some residual head from the Sam Adams Nitro in the glass and for some reason it grew a huge head on the other beer and took quite some time to fall. I’m not sure why that happened, perhaps the second IPA had a fairly strong head all by itself and the head from SA caused additional nucleation for head formation.

Nitro IPA