Much Ado About Nothing!

A few days ago Bristol Palin posted a photo on Instagram of her seven year old son shooting a rifle with the hashtags #trapper, #safetyfirst, and #teachingthemyoung. Apparently some thought the child was too young to be shooting a rifle, but I cannot see anything wrong with a parent teaching a child firearm safety. Look closely at the photo and you will see both the mother and child have on eye and ear protection and the mother is positioned behind the firing line. The rifle is a Chiappa Little Badger which is a single-shot folding camping rifle most likely chambered in .22LR. The youngster can fire a single round before he will have break open the rifle to reload. I suspect this is not his first time shooting the firearm as he appears to be doing so safely. Unfortunately he is holding the firearm left handed and there are very few firearms made for lefties so he will have to learn to shoot firearms designed for right handed shooters most of the time.

I see seven year old children who are so coddled by their parents they should probably not be handling a butter knife. This does not appear to be one of those type of children. By seven I was mowing the lawn, a task which took four to six hours depending upon whether I mowed all or part of it. That means handling gasoline, oil, and a machine capable of cutting off my foot or other appendage. I was instructed the proper way to use the mower and never had an incident. Perhaps if more people would take the time to teach their children how to do things safely and in the proper manner at a younger age we’d have a society who could accomplish more than being able to manipulate a smartphone to play Pokémon GO.