At first glance I would say no, but if I knew it would end the gun grabbing mentality of some I would jump on board in an instant. What I am discussing today is being fingerprinted to purchase a firearm. My fingerprints were taken when I applied for my concealed permit so I’m already in the system. That did buy me something, it allows me to go into a gun store and purchase whatever I want without having to wait on a NICS check from the FBI. People do not like the thought of having their prints taken since it starts to become big brother government keeping people under their thumb, but we already are there with our SS# and registering everything under the sun with local, state, and the federal government. I do not want to ever see us registering firearms, but can see a database from the manufacturer of where they initially shipped the firearms begin available to law enforcement for tracking/tracing purposes. Back to the topic, since I’ve been fingerprinted I don’t feel it is an issue, but before I had been I would not have given up my fingerprints to government unless forced. For that reason I don’t feel fingerprints should be part of the discussion for any future gun laws.