By now you have no doubt heard the news legislation requiring a photo ID to vote in NC was struck down as being racist. I’ve honestly never been able to figure out why an ID was not required so in my mind the ID law would pretty much eliminate voter fraud. Now I also don’t believe voter fraud is a big problem, but you need an ID for almost anything you do today. Go to the bank, photo ID, buy some alcohol, photo ID, or purchase a gun, photo ID. Since voting is mentioned several times in the US Constitution and firearms are as well if it is racist to require  an ID to vote it must be racist to require an ID to purchase a firearm. Heck since voting and firearms no longer require an ID we really should not need one for anything. Take my word for who I am and press on.

Perhaps some reader out there can explain to me in plain English how requiring an ID to vote is restrictive or racist. I welcome the explanation which will help me understand. Who are all these voters who do not have an ID, but are somehow magically able to make it to the polls on election day?