No, I’m not talking about taking a beer out on the town hoping to get lucky, I’m interested in the date or code on the bottle which gives you some reasonable idea of when it was filled. Heck, I’ll settle for a best by date if nothing else. Last night I pulled a gem from the archive and with no clue as to the year it was crafted could not check it in on Untappd and didn’t snap a photo because I had nothing to pin it down as to when it was filled. Now in the beer’s defense the technology to mark that on the bottle or label was pretty darn expensive back then and for a small brewery could be problematic to procure. Today that should not be the case unless you are hand bottling. A production model injet printer could be installed for a modest amount and tell everyone exactly when the beer was made. So what I would like to see is all bottled (and canned) beers not bottled by hand to have some indication of the date. That way you can tell if the beer on the shelf is fresh or aged and if you cellar the beer how long it has sat around just waiting to be consumed. FWIW the beer last night was delicious and was at least 10-15 years old, but I will never know the exact date because they did not date the label or bottle. From now on if I plan to hold onto a beer for awhile and it does not have a date I’ll probably just put when I bought it on the cap so later I won’t have to wonder.