At one time wine was all the rage and led the marketplace while craft beer was looked down on as a working man’s beverage. Today that leader is decidedly craft beer with wine taking a backseat. Don’t get me wrong, wine is still selling like hotcakes, but beer is now the hot ticket and even wine snobs are having a brewski or two on occasion. Bourbon has become hot over the last few years and snagging a bottle of something special has become difficult with everyone who is not hunting for particular bottles or brands. With craft cocktails liquor sales have undoubtedly increased, but I’m wondering what the next big thing will be moving forward. I don’t see beer backing off, but I do think it may be reaching the peak if it has not already and wine peaked sometime back. If mead ever caught on the supply would evaporate in an instant due to how few meaderies there are in the US. Cider has definitely been coming into it’s own the last few years and may continue to increase. If you have a feeling as to what might be next post a comment and let us know.