Remember the words of Danny Glover as Malachi Johnson in the movie Silverado? That’s what came to mind today as I learned of the shooting of a healthcare worker in Miami. An autistic patient wandered out of a facility on Monday and Charles Kinsey went to find him and bring him back. In the meantime the police were called and somehow they believed a person with a gun was in a neighborhood. In reality it was an autistic man with a toy truck and a healthcare worker. The police asked him to lay on the ground and he did with his hands up as you can clearly see in the video. The moment of the shooting is not in the video, but you can clearly see Charles Kinsey complying with police commands. Kinsey was shot in the leg and according to some sources the officer shot his rifle three times!

So my immediate thought would be accident, but the officer could certainly tell Kinsey was no threat so the only conceivable threat would be the autistic patient. Why was he not the one shot and the rifle pointed at him? Kinsey had identified himself clearly on the video as a healthcare professional and had pointed out the autistic man had a toy. Why not stand down? Unless the officer had their firearm on select fire (automatic three shot burst), and the muzzle rise was such that the last bullet in the sequence contacted Kinsey, I can see no need for three shots and the officer needs to learn to keep their finder OFF THE TRIGGER! I’m at a loss for this one folks. There are no winners in this situation because an officer either mishandled the firearm or decided to shoot someone. I suspect charges will be filed against the officer he least of which would be negligent discharge of a firearm.