Once upon a time when we were young and stupid drinking games and shots were all the rage. At the time we were drinking for effect rather than flavor and it was a way to liven up the party or break the ice. The list of games we played was long and a few which come to mind were Quarters, Fuzzy Duck, F Your Buddy, Thumper, Colonel Puff, Tapmaster, Mexican, Grab Bag Beer, I Never, Chandeliers, 60 Minutes, Up The River Down The River, Three Man, and probably many more. We would do keg stands and shotgun beers all in a effort to get the party started. Today I see grown adults powering through Fireball and my general MO is to take a pass. Anymore quickly ingesting alcohol typically does not lead to a wonderful following day, in fact quite the opposite so for that reason I stick with slow and steady wins the race and plenty of water!

I came across an article about a group of people playing Beer Pong when a fight broke out and someone had their throat slashed with a broken bottle. I doubt it had much to do with the beer, probably the cocaine, marijuana, and oxycodone were the true causal factor for the incident. I’ve never played Beer Pong, but if throat slashing is part of the game I think I’ll take a pass.