I’ll start by saying I smell a rat. I happened upon an article which said major breweries are planning to add nutritional labels with calorie information to their beers. After I click through all the linked articles I finally arrive at the origin which is the Beer Institute and a campaign they call the Voluntary Disclosure Initiative. Scratching my head I went off to find out what the Beer Institute really was and came up with pretty much a big fat zero until I checked out their LinkedIn page which paints the picture.

The Beer Institute is a national trade association representing companies which produce and import more than ninety percent of the beer sold in the United States. It was organized in 1986 to represent the industry before Congress, state legislatures and public forums across the country. is committed to developing sound public policy that focuses on community involvement and personal responsibility.

So the Beer Institute is the lobbying power for BudMillerCoors. The labeling initiative is a wolf in sheep’s clothing because every beer loving person knows beers with flavor have more calories. What BMC is hoping to do is pressure craft beers into disclosing a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has 175 calories and a Stone Imperial Russian Stout has 315 calories as opposed to a Miller Lite with 96 or a regular Bud with 144. I’ll bet Bud didn’t wantcha to know that each ounce of it’s macro lager has 12 calories so when you wrap that bag around the 40 you’re looking to ingest 480 calories and destined to spend 45 minutes on the treadmill cranking at 5 mph to burn it off. Anyway, I see a campaign against craft beer in the near future based on nutritional labels and calorie counts. I think where BMC is missing the mark with this is most craft beer lovers will typically have three beers in a session while the BMC consumer will partake in a six or twelve pack.