If you are an exam grader or would like to be one and have a National or higher ranking then you should definitely take the BJCP Grader Training. It is currently optional, but will be required for any new grader entering after August 1, 2016 and for all existing graders starting in January 1, 2017. The training consists of two parts, one is a 30 minute quiz based on the grading process and the second is grading six exams. I must admit I was skeptical of the benefit from the training and went into it with a bit of a stink eye. Why should I have to take training on something I have been doing fo 12 years. When I first started grading I was a bit harsh and have eased up over time to what I feel is right where the grading should be for judges to have earned their appropriate rank. The first part of the training had some parts which I felt were in need of improvement. Some verbiage appears in the quiz which does not appear in the PDF and website you are asked to review prior to taking the quiz. I find that slightly misleading. At any rate passing was not an issue at all. The second part is essentially grading a taste exam which consists of six exam score sheets. I did as always and compiled a composite sheet for the three proctor score sheets and then set about grading. Since no RTP was required it was a quick exercise to evaluate the Perception, Descriptive Ability, Feedback, and Completeness for the six sheets. Then you enter the scores on a 20 point scale and see your results. Most of the time if I was off, I was off by a point which would equate to have a level. If the desired result was 12, I might have an 11. To me this signifies I am not far off the mark at all. In some cases I disagreed with the result presented in the training and I let them know why in the comments after the exam was over.

The training is on the CEP Training Portal and you will login with your BJCP ID and password. Once completed you will earn three non-judging points and be credited with grading six exams so get on it!