Suppose you are reading one of the beeriodicals like Brewing News or Celebrator Beer News, what do you want to see in the local article. For instance Celebrator covers the Southeast and Brewing News has the Southern Brew News which covers my area and is broken out by state. What do you want to see in those articles? I know my preference is what is new or what is happening that is new. So new breweries, new beers, new staff, or a new expansion is what I prefer. If a brewery is making their (add an odd ingredient) Pale Ale for the umpteenth time and they make it annually, that is only newsworthy a time or two at best. What I hate is a brewery with a set lineup and a set lineup of beer releases. While it is good for the brewers, the marketing, and the staff, it is a bit boring to see it in a beeriodical when you know every fall this brewery puts out their pumpkin flavored wort water. Anyway, I’d like to hear if anyone out there has other things they prefer. Perhaps you like knowing about the annual pumpkin wort water release more than knowing a new brewery is opening up within an hour or two drive. Post up your preferences, it could be an interesting discussion.