I know I’ve been curious as to what firearm was used by the murderer in Dallas ever since hearing the Dallas Mayor tell CBS it was an AR. I sadly watched and paused the video of the officer being shot at a building column to try and determine the firearm type, but was unable to tell what it was. I happened to see a photo in my local paper of a cartridge and told my wife that did not appear to be a .223/5.56 round so he probably did not use an AR. I’m sure some will call it semantics, but there is a big difference between an AR and what the gunman used in Dallas which is a Saiga AK-74 chambered for 5.45×39. The cartridges are about the same overall length, but are shouldered differently on the casing. The AK-74 is essentially a semi-automatic AK-47 and fires once each time the trigger is engaged. Some reports said the rifle was a SKS and that is not the case, an SKS does not have a detachable magazine.

My hope is eventually news organizations and public officials will present facts or simply state they don’t know when asked about something they are unsure of or do not yet have the facts.