Once again The News & Observer Editorial Board misses the mark and provides poorly crafted commentary for the blog. In the print edition the title was Move to stem gun violence and where it goes south is after the heading Too much for the NRA. Ned’s cronies suggest the NRA was responsible for House Speaker Paul Ryan adjourning the House when Democratic lawmakers staged a sit-in and spent time fundraising on the floor breaking House rules. Ned’s team indicates people with suspect terrorist ties should be banned from buying guns and implied that was common sense. What the N&O team fails to realize is Pelosi is playing politics and won’t allow H.R.4237 to do exactly what the N&O feels is common sense. C’mon guys, you’d think a semi-respectable newspaper could research and understand what is happening in Congress. If one side did not propose the legislation they cannot support it so nothing gets done because of politics. There is legislation waiting to move forward to curb terrorist threats, simply push for your representatives to pass it.