After reading several newspapers this morning and some of the comments sent in by readers I thought it might be useful to create a post for those who blame the NRA for every shooting so they can select which option actually was the catalyst for laying that blame. Please select the option which best applies to you and elaborate on the response or feel free to add your own in the comments:

– I have repeatedly heard about it on television and in print media so it must be true.

– An elected official said it or released a statement about it so it must be true.

– I saw a meme on social media so it must be true.

– A friend told me so it must be true.

– I watch comedy news shows which said it so it must be true.

– I don’t like the people from the NRA I see interviewed so it must be true.

– I blindly follow everything without checking facts.

The NRA is comprised of 5 million people who only care about one single issue, firearms. While everyone else is concerned about a myriad of issues both social and political the members of the NRA bind together to fight anti-gun legislation. What the NRA does not oppose is legislation which would stop terrorism and illegal activity in order to pass that type of legislation you must not take away the rights of legal gun owners.