So I’m on Facebook and happen across the meme below posted by a friend who blasts pro-gun memes more often then Kellogg’s makes a corn flake. I don’t mind their frequent postings, but I often ignore them because they are so frequent. I did note one comment someone made (which I edited for language) which is so asinine it shows the level of stupidity gun owners are up against.

I don’t care what its acronym stands for. If it fires more than one bullet at a time or at long range we don’t need it as a personal weapon. Lets not start f*@#ng about with terms here.

So this rocket scientist wants to get rid of all firearms which fire more than one bullet at a time. If it is from a single barrel then he would be for getting rid of exactly no firearms. If he means multiple barrels then he really is looking at a handful of firearms, mostly oddities, with the exception of double barrel shotguns. I am confident if he were taken to task he would give and say, “No, shotguns are ok, Biden said so.”

As far as long range, we first need to define what that means. I would think most people would call a football field long range, but golfers probably don’t start to sweat until the 200 yard mark so let’s choose that. Now let’s figure out how many criminal shootings happen in the US at a distance of 200 yards or more. I’m gonna take a gamble and put the number at zero. I’ll bet if we move it in to 100 yards the number of criminal shootings per years is still zero. If we keep tightening it up we may find a point where a handful occur, but I’ll still bet at 100 feet the number could be counted on one hand. Shootings happen up close and personal, typically withing 25 feet or less and generally with a handgun.

This person does not even have enough education on the topic to make a semi-valid point. They don’t even realize how stupid their comments are and cannot verbalize what they want to see happen. I’d much rather have someone tell me they are against firearms than to come up with asinine statements like the one above and then to try to drop the mic by saying they don’t need to learn the terms. This person was basically saying I don’t know anything about it, but I am against it. Better to be quiet and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt!