When a friend alerted me to the fact Rodenbach Alexander was back I started giggling like a school girl. I first found the beer in a beer store in the Buffalo, NY are sitting on the shelf by itself around 2001 and did not know what I had actually found. Let’s give a little history of the beer. It was first brewed in 1986 and was discontinued in 2000, a few years after Palm had purchased Rodenbach (1998). The bottle I found in 2001 was one of the rare bottles still sitting on the shelf. I took it home and enjoyed it immensely and have spent years trying to find another. I once was in Cumming, GA and there were at least 8-10 bottles in the cold case of the bar and I begged and pleaded for them to sell me a few (or all), but they would not allow them to be sold out the door. I’ll bet a few are still lurking there waiting my return.

Recently while at the AHA Convention in Baltimore a friend mentioned they had Rodenbach Alexander in bottles at a local tap room. I figured it was long lost bottles and so off I went in search of one of my favorites. Turns out the beer was released in 2016 for the 30th anniversary and of course we had to have one. Rodenbach Alexander is a blend of 2/3 Rodenbach blended with 1/3 young ale macerated with cherries. It is only 5.6% ABV, but the flavor is so amazing it will blow your mind. If you see a 750ml bottle of it be sure to pick one up. I know I have not run into it yet, but once I do I will snag every bottle I see. BTW, the bottle I shared in Baltimore was crazy beautiful!