I heard about the CBS reporter in Virginia who went into a gun store and purchased a rifle and then turned around and sold it to another FFL later that day. My understanding is the reporter spent 38 minutes purchasing the firearm and while purchasing indicated she wanted the rifle for training purposes then later in the day sold it. That is what is known as a straw purchase. While the initial purchase seemed legal, the second she lied about the intention and went to sell it to someone else it became a straw purchase. This was not a case of buyer’s remorse where she got the firearm and realized it was not something she wanted and sold it, she knew walking into the store she was going to sell it. Hopefully the ATF will investigate and she and CBS will suffer the consequences. If all they were trying to prove is purchasing a firearm is a fairly easy process with some forms and a background check I could have told them that and saved them the potential straw purchase charges they may face.