In a world where anyone can post anything on social media I see so much BS out there spouted as fact it is ridiculous. One of my friends liked the post below and while I did not respond on Facebook to clarify the matter, I thought it might be a good topic for today. First off Mr. Reich says the attack in Orlando was carried out using an AR-15. Unfortunately for Rsquared the firearm was actually a modular Sig Sauer MCX which has no interchangeable parts with an AR-15 and cannot be converted, changed, or modified to become an AR-15 and the only real similarities are it is black and scary looking. It is a completely different firearm and of course it is not the gun he posted on Facebook. So I’m gonna vote not credible on the second word he used in his monologue right off the bat. He’s either been hoodwinked by the media, is trying to push an agenda, or he is just stupid. The latter part of his first sentence says it can fire eight rounds per second. Neither an AR-15 nor a Sig MCX can fire at that rate since the firearm is only capable of firing each time the trigger is engaged. An automatic firearm can fire at a very fast rate, but a firearm like that was not used most recently nor in any other mass shooting. Those NFA items have been regulated for a very long time, something Robert should know, and anyone who believes machine guns are running around in public and available at every gun shop across America is delusional. To prove to yourself how wrong he is take your finger and pull back and determine if you can do that eight times in a single second. The answer will be NO.

Mr. Reich then goes on to make his two points. The first of which is to bar suspected terrorists from buying guns and I must say I am 100% in agreement with that single sentence. Apparently our hero doesn’t frequent my blog or he would know why using the no fly list is a bad idea. What I would suggest is to develop or hone a true suspected terrorist list and allow someone a means to get off that list in a reasonable time frame. I’d have no problem if I got flagged sending paperwork or fingerprints to the FBI/ATF to clear my name and don’t believe anyone else would either. But don’t start with a flawed list to build that database. If the FBI has to investigate you more than once, that is a problem and something is lurking beneath the surface which needs to be uncovered.

For his last statement he wants to ban advertising. How’d that work with cigarettes and alcohol? Sure we had magazine ads for them, but showing me a bottle does not get my heart racing and I write an alcohol and firearms blog. In fact alcohol ads are back since it is no longer verboten to have them on television. I don’t actually get excited seeing a black gun on the pages of a magazine, I believe ads are just something which get in the way of the content, but banning ads won’t stop anything but advertising dollars going to publications. I wonder when was the last time Robby actually picked up a magazine or saw an ad for an AR on television. Something tells me he is not watching that programming and probably has never seen 3 Gun Nation. It’s a feel good measure which will not accomplish anything, but make someone sleep better at night knowing those nasty ads are the problem.

How about we skip hours and hours of news coverage when a violent act occurs so someone is not influenced to be a copycat in an effort to make their name live forever? How about the media set their own set of rules on how these events will be covered instead of endless coverage which only seems to fuel the fire for those intent on causing harm. I admit I want to know the full story, but we will not have that information for weeks. I fear we may find with 14 officers engaged many were injured needlessly. I don’t know what the correct mix is to satisfy the curiosity of those concerned while not influencing the deranged mind, but to me that would be a common sense measure we all should agree upon.

And Mr. Reich take a few minutes before posting something to be sure you cite correct information. Spouting incorrect information leads to an ultimate lack of credibility and I suspect you want to be thought of as both intelligent and credible.