I was reading an opinion piece on Guns.com regarding a NYT article called Gun Control That Actually Works and had a bit of a light bulb moment. In the original article the author said, “people who register weapons rarely commit crimes. Registration fosters responsibility…” While true that people who register NFA rarely commit crimes, it is also true those with a concealed carry permit rarely commit crimes. What the gun control advocates take from this is those who do not register firearms do commit crimes, when in fact the overwhelming majority of firearm owners never commit a crime. Just as the Guns.com opinion pointed out, “This assumes incorrectly that legal gun owners are the majority of the problem when it comes to gun violence.” This is the thought process of gun control advocates, anyone with a firearm is a problem unless the firearms are registered, tracked, and controlled. These are the same people who fail to understand how anyone can own more than one firearm. I don’t think the gun grabbers will ever get it that law-abiding citizens are not committing crimes, it is the criminals and illegal guns which should be the focus of attention, but because they have no solution for illegal firearms they try to restrict those who will and do obey the law. At least now I get the mindset, even though the logic is flawed.