I was watching the CBS News with Scott Pelley and they covered the UCLA shooting where a student killed the professor before turning the gun on himself. The response from law enforcement was almost overwhelming, but the evening news gave it less than a minute and basically shrugged and said it was simply a murder-suicide. Since when is a murder-suicide just no big deal, I mean is all Pelley and the gang out for is a mass shooting, flood, tornado, or something with hundreds of people killed? Last night the coverage was a couple of minutes when it appeared the gunman had a hit list and had also killed another person. I guess having the potential to kill more people makes it a better story and earns the story more airtime.

At any rate it should have never happened, you see UCLA is a gun free zone and so there is no way the gunman should have been on campus. I mean how can anyone penetrate an imaginary zone which excludes firearms. That policy is an absolute barrier to criminal activity, correct?