Unless you have had your head under a rock you have heard about the 17-year old Western lowland silverback gorilla which was killed when a mother allowed her child to get into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. Don’t get me wrong, once the child was in the enclosure the zoo had no choice but to put the animal down. Traquilization would have most likely enraged the silverback and that would have been an unpredictable outcome which would have not protected the child. I’m not sure how the child got into the enclosure, they have a fence and hedgerow on the public side so it had to circumvent those obstacles to get in. Where the blame lies for Harambe being killed is with the mother of the child, Michelle Gregg. Before you go defending her and spouting at the mouth about the zoo’s fault, keep in mind no one has breached the enclosure before and the setup has worked perfectly since it was opened in 1978.

So what happened here? Actually it is pretty simple, the mother was not paying attention to the child, the child discovered a way through or around the obstacles and a silverback gorilla was slaughtered as a result. What makes this more tragic is the mother, Michelle Gregg, runs a preschool/daycare center. Anyone who defends her should be required to take their own small children and enroll them in her care. Not ready to do that? Then you get the point of why this tragedy is all her fault. Her son was lucky he was not injured from the fall into the enclosure and her son was lucky he was not killed by the gorilla. She will never face any charges other than public scrutiny for her actions, but I suspect her time in the daycare business is limited. If she cannot take care of her own child will you leave yours in her protective care?