I noticed where Trump indicated he would abolish gun-free zones as part of a recent speech and it got me thinking, should we abolish gun-free zones? My answer may surprise some of you, but I would say no. I believe it is up to each and every individual business to decide whether or not someone can carry on their premises. I would suggest the signage and sign placement be unified to avoid confusion, but I don’t want to tell a business what they can and cannot do and I don’t particularly want a governmental mandate telling a business they must allow something. I know firearms are part of the constitution, but nowhere in the constitution does it say I can trounce on the rights of another person or business. Now a unified sign ordinance would be useful. No more would I have to walk into a SECU and peek behind a bush to find the gunbuster sign. PS: SECU, if I cannot see the sign, I cannot abide by it. I should not have to go out of my way to determine if a business is gun friendly or not.

Now as far as governmental/municipal gun-free zones, yes, abolish them other than in the court of law, police stations, or select other offices. The NC law on the matter is pretty good and I’d have no problem with that mentality being adopted nationwide. As far as signage SC has a crystal clear law on signage and I’d have no problem with that being adopted nationwide. Of course if a business has a gunbuster sign I might refrain from entering. You never hear of a mass shooting or criminal activity in an area where people are armed, it’s the unarmed citizens who are targeted to become victims.