It is rare I find a bottle tag on something I am after in the liquor store which has a rebate, but occasionally it does happen. In many stores the rebate/forms are near the front in a designated area, but occasionally they are hanging off the bottle. I typically do not allow that to drive my purchase habits, but if the deal is really good I will try something I might not have purchased. Recently while out of town I needed some vodka for bloody marys so I purchased three bottles of the vodka my wife likes which had rebate forms. I inadvertently forgot to jot down the UPC numbers before we left so I confirmed with the people we were visiting the numbers matched our bottle at home. The rebate was pretty good, $3 per bottle so $9 total since we had purchased three. As I filled out the forms and gathered the required receipt and prepared to send off I noticed in the fine print the rebate was through December 31, 2015 so it was no longer valid. It would not have changed what I purchased, but I would not have wasted time on it had I taken a second to read the fine print and realize the bottles had been on the shelf for awhile or had been tagged long ago in the case and finally brought out to stock the shelf. The moral of the story is twofold, first check to see if something you might be purchasing has a rebate and second to be sure the rebate is still available.