I routinely see gun control groups work feverishly to vilify the NRA. They spout the organization as the root of all evil and blame it for gun violence nationwide. What they and their followers seem to fail to grasp is everytime you post a meme, tweet, article, or an interview which disparages the organization you disparage the membership. Now the NRA is not ridiculously large, in fact it has less than 5 million members. What the NRA does have is 5 million members who actually vote and care about one thing in common, the Second Amendment. In 2012 there were 125 million votes cast for President so the NRA membership is really just a drop in the bucket of available votes. There is another segment of the population who are gun owners and are not NRA members. Some of those also see an attack on the NRA as an attack on gun ownership. So what the gun control groups need to realize is vilifying gun owner is not going to achieve their goals. If the ultimate goal is confiscation then I’d suggest the groups give up because that simply is not going to happen. If tomorrow the government was instructed to round up all the firearms in the US the overwhelming response from gun owners would be a demonstration of why that is a horrifically bad idea. What the gun control groups chant is common sense gun laws, but the reality is they have not applied common sense in the first place. We need to absolutely crack down on anyone breaking gun laws. Not long ago I posted about a straw purchase scheme where they guy got a suspended sentence. What he should have received was a long time behind bars and additional jail time for any crime where a gun he supplied was used in a crime. This week Chicago will crest over 1,400 people shot so far this year and we should take a look at where and why these shootings are occurring. If it is inner city gang violence, and it is, then how in the heck can one blame the NRA for the crimes? I see supposedly intelligent people talking about stronger purchase laws, but not one of them screaming when the laws on the books are not applied quickly and with maximum penalties. So quit telling me how much of a monster an organization is and start shouting about how the law should be upheld and you’ll have my attention. Vilification is not the answer, a call to prosecute gun crimes to the fullest extent of the law is a step in the right direction and to me seems like common sense.