Had a thought this morning if you are a staunch gun control supporter, then before you begin a campaign to ban or restrict a particular type of firearm you should take a short class on that firearm and fire it at the end of the class. I’m not seeing this as an all involved Basic Pistol class, but more of an introduction to firearms which would last a couple of hours and be offered at an affordable cost. Of course the student would not be able to fire off too many rounds or the cost of the course would escalate, but I think having someone shoot and AR or a semi-automatic pistol would at least give them some knowledge and might remove the mystique and fear they feel of that particular firearm for certain individuals. I’m not asking them to change their view, just to enhance it through knowledge. Wanna ban ARs, then take a class on them. Wanna restrict handguns, then take a class on them. Perhaps at some point in the future I’ll offer an introduction to firearm class for gun control advocates, the question is would they even bother to attend for fear they might actually change their mind!