When will the ATF let their cash cow out of the barn and make suppressors no longer NFA items? I suspect never, they like collecting the fees far too much. If they would take a long hard look at the paperwork backlog incurred by suppressors and the fact they can be used effectively for hunting and shooting sports to reduce noise they might arrive at the conclusion they should simply be transferred the same way firearms are through an FFL. I’d personally love to own one, but every time I think it would be a good idea there’s that pesky $200 tax staring me in the face. Why can’t I simply go to my local FFL and purchase one and go home. It isn’t like they automatically connect to every firearm, the firearm has to be modified in order to connect to the suppressor unless it is one of the new Flightlight Industries receivers and even then you would be stuck shooting .22LR which is not something desirable by any criminal element except for perhaps a hit man and that profession really only happens in Hollywood movies. So how about it ATF, let’s flip the script and make suppressors equal to other firearms and not subject to NFA paperwork and taxes!