I often talk about whiskey with others on a homebrewing forum and of course I’m generally discussing Bourbon. Someone suggested I give The Balvenie DoubleWood Aged 12 Years a try and I gotta say it is probably one of the best suggestions I’ve been given in a long time. This Speyside Scotch is or course aged for 12 years and over the period of maturation it is transferred from a traditional oak whisky cask to a first fill European oak sherry cask which leaves it crazy beautiful. It has a slight brown sugar sweetness akin to a fine Bourbon, but with sherry, honey, cinnamon, and a luscious sherry aftertaste. I have tried the DoubleWood Aged 17 Years and it is outstanding as well. The difference is price point, the 12 year is $55 while the 17 year is $160. It truly is an outstanding bottle, but at over a hundred bucks more than a superb 12 Year I’m gonna have to pass. It typically is not difficult to find the 12 Year, prices have been escalating, but in some places it is still a good value. In NC it currently $63 which is still a good price for this Scotch.