Brewers from all 50 states will soon be releasing The Biggest Small Beer Ever for American Craft Beer Week. The recipe was devised by Dr. Paul Ogg of Denver’s Declaration Brewing Co. and the recipe is below. The recipe is in percentages, just scale as needed to achieve the desired OG and IBU. Paul is actually a friend of mine and has been battling a rare form of cancer. Keep up the fight Paul, I know you can beat it!

The #BiggestSmallBeerEver Recipe
(assumes 85% mash efficiency)

OG 1.070 FG 1.018 IBU 40 SRM 33

 69% American 2-row
14% malted oats
7% pale chocolate
2% roasted barley
0.7% black patent
3.4% 75L crystal
3.4% 120 L crystal
0.7% peated malt
 Mash 60 minutes at 154 F
US Magnum (15%) 60 minutes
UK Fuggle (4.5%) 30 minutes
UK Fuggle (4.5%) 15 minutes
UK Fuggle (4.5%) 2 minutes
Ferment with ‘Irish Ale Yeast’ at 66-68 F.