I’ve posted far too often about HB2 recently and readers outside NC probably don’t care. I keep seeing otherwise sensible people post we don’t want men in women’s restrooms. Well do you want Caitlyn Jenner in your men’s room? The fact is most women’s rooms have stalls for privacy. Changing areas might not be as private, but the Charlotte ordinance is the only one which would blatantly allow a man in the area in the first place. Otherwise prior to the ordinance and HB2 people were simply going into the areas to change or do what comes naturally. All of a sudden it is an issue, but the laws regarding peeping toms haven’t changed so perverted behavior is still just as illegal as it was before and face it, your wives and children as still as unprotected as they were before in a restroom.

Let’s look at the facts. Transgender are 0.3% of the US population. Assuming a population of 320 million that would be 960,000 people. The NC population is around 10 million or 3.1% of the US population. That would mean in NC we have about 30,000 transgender individuals. If they were spread over all 100 counties that would be 300 people per county, but in reality they are more likely located in larger metro areas. An interesting statistic would be what percentage of transgender are also currently identifying as female, but are biologically male and sex offenders. To date zero, I’ll repeat, ZERO, cases of a transgender using a women’s room and sexually assaulting a female child or adult have been recorded. None, nada, zilch. So transgender individuals are not a problem and never have been. You may feel uncomfortable if you knew the person in the stall next to you had parts different from you, but you have no problem with someone doing their business otherwise? That’s just asinine.

So stop hiding behind protecting women and children because laws offer no protection, only the ability to arrest the criminals after they break the laws. It’s a gunbuster sign and we all know how I feel about those ridiculous placards at the entrance of businesses who do not want anyone inside to be protected. The only people they affect are law abiding citizens. You child is much more likely to be a target of someone you know and trust. Have you run a background check on your child’s teacher, clergy, bus driver, daycare worker, sitter, coach, etc.? I’ll bet you have not and yet you cry foul at someone using the bathroom with zero cases of abuse. Face the fact boys are more likely to be abused by men and girls by someone they know and trust then by a chance encounter in a women’s room. I don’t pretend to understand transgender thought patterns regarding sexuality, but in this case all they need is a bathroom break.