Last night I decided to have some Bourbon and opened up the evening with a nice subtle one. Afterward I thought someone more bold might be in order so I poured a Stagg Jr. on the rest of the cube. I have had Stagg Jr. on several occasions out an about, but when I opened this bottle at home I found it a bit too alcoholic for my tastes. I had poured it a few times with ice, but just don’t think I had prepped my palate properly to enjoy this particular bottle. Stagg Jr. is a younger version of George T. Stagg which was first released in 2002 and if you did not know, GTS is truly devine. Stagg Jr. was first released in August 2013 and has been wildly popular and difficult to obtain ever since. My bottle is 132.1 proof which would explain why I found it alcoholic when consumed neat. A cube did wonders for the Bourbon allowing it to open up, but even better was priming the pump with a little less powerful Bourbon prior to pouring Stagg Jr. The flavors were a complex mix of brown sugar, leather, spice, smoke, cherries, raisins, clove, and pepper all rolled into a big ball of awesomeness. Earlier tastings had been overly alcoholic, too much to provide maximum enjoyment, but by having something prior it allowed my palate to open up to this beautiful Bourbon. If you spy a bottle, snag it quick because the guy behind you will get it if you hesitate!