The news reported that families who have filed suit against a firearm manufacturer can have access to marketing documents to determine if they may have marketed them to young men. I’m at a loss how any firearm advertising by a company which only targets people legally able to possess and purchase firearms can be held against them in any form or fashion. I suppose if the manufacturer placed and advertisement in an ISIS or Al-Qaeda magazine named JIHADIST then someone might have an actionable lawsuit if their loved one was killed by someone who read that magazine and purchased that firearm. I’m pretty sure no firearm advertising was placed and no magazine exists for mentally ill children who want to kill their parents or others. I’m not sure the end game of filing suit against a firearm manufacturer. Firearms, unless stolen from the manufacturer, are always transferred at an FFL approved by the government and required to retain paperwork which documents the legal transfer of that firearm. If the manufacturer is marketing to individuals who can legally own the firearm how in the heck that can prove anything in a wrongful death lawsuit is beyond me. Yet another incident of people not being able to blame an individual with mental illness and focusing on an inanimate object instead in an effort to find something, anything, to blame.