I’ve not been able to verify this actually happened on Friday, but apparently a man in the Greenwood Park Mall was reholstering after using the bathroom and shot himself in the butt with the round exiting from his thigh. Someone mentioned open carry on one forum or perhaps social media, but the article linked above says inside the waistband so I’m assuming it was a concealed firearm. One person on Facebook actually had the gall to post, “I just love when this happens.” I cannot imagine a hatred so extreme you wish for someone you don’t even know to be hurt by their own hand because you have a fear of firearms. Perhaps this person snickers in glee every time they see death and destruction on the news. People such as this are only a step away from radical extremism.

Anyway, back to the point of the post today. Gun safety is paramount and must be observed at all times. What happened here is one of two things. Either the man who shot himself put his finger on the trigger, or he allowed his holster/fabric to get in the trigger guard and as he inserted the firearm it went off. Many people clinch their hand unknowingly when holstering and so I’m voting for finger contact on the trigger. It is very important to keep your finger off the trigger so an exaggerated position along the slide or frame higher than the guard should be practiced. If the trigger would not be visible when viewed from the side because the finger is placed across the trigger guard work to change that position to avoid an accident.