Someone recently asked if the BJCP was going to offer printed and bound guidelines through a third party again and I don’t believe the organization will go in that direction again. Most judges today gravitate toward use of electronic guidelines on their iPhone/iPad or Android device and do not use the printed versions. I’m old school and prefer the paper, but printing them is pretty easy, just take the Word/Source version if you want something custom and format as needed, or use the PDF to print double sided and bind at a local print shop. Perhaps people are too lazy to do that, but they could always upload to an online printer and have them ship the completed guidelines to them. Anyway, with so few of us older judges using the printed format I just don’t see the need for a particular book. I bought the small one and larger one back in the day and never actually used them at competition. A printed version was best since eventually spillage occurred and at least if it was printed the marred pages could be replaced in an unbound version.

What might be useful is for a person well versed in Word to create multiple versions for various printing formats, but of course that is something a judge could create on their own.