In Londonberry, NH there is a meadery named Moonlight Meadery who makes some of the most delicious meads out there. On April 13 Candace Moon, The Craft Beer Attorney, filed to cancel the trademark Moonlight Meadery had held since 2011. She did so on the behalf of Moonlight Brewing out of Fulton, CA. Now I remember a trip to the San Francisco/San Jose area way back in the day and I found a bunch of Moonlight Brewing beers on beer engine and they were great. Fast forward a few years to a visit to Santa Rosa and there was a restaurant which only served Moonlight beers and they were all subpar and disappointing. The Moonlight Brewing Company indicates they have been using Moonlight since 1992 and will be irreparably harmed by Moonlight Meadery continuing to use the mark they have held since 2011. From where I sit I would never mistake a Meadery for a Brewery and Candace and Moonlight Brewing are five years late to the party. In fact it appears Moonlight Brewing only applied for their mark in 2014 and have had quite a bit of documentation from a BBQ restaurant in opposition of their mark.

At any rate I despise things like this. This will cost Moonlight Meadery thousands of dollars in legal fees to retain their mark when it should not even be under consideration. I’m not sure what the end game Moonlight Brewing hopes to achieve other than drawing a line in the sand to be sure no one ever opposes their mark should they get it, but moves like this are detrimental to the alcohol beverage industry. It’s not like I was a fan of Moonlight Brewing before, but I’ll be sure to avoid them moving forward and pick up some mead from Moonlight Meadery every chance I get.