Back in the day before smartphones I would keep a detailed notebook on beers I had tasted and enter them on the beer rating sites. It was a fun activity for me, but I’m sure companions at the dinner table were less than pleased when I whipped out paper and pen. Often I would keep small slips of paper for notes and put them in later. I would stealthily or not so stealthily pen them quickly and then come back to the conversation. Today I don’t keep detailed notes and generally just quickly enter them in Untappd with something simple if anything at all in terms of notes. I wonder if anyone is truly keeping a notebook anymore for their beers. I know it helped me tremendously in my preparation for the BJCP taste exam, but today I’m not sure how useful it would be for someone simply tasting beers or training their palate. I would think their smartphone would probably have an app which would work well for taking notes and those notes could be cut and pasted over to a rating app or site, or into a document which could be edited and saved. We don’t get too many responses on the blog, but if anyone reading keeps a notebook or log outside of an app, reply to the post and let us know what you do.