Yesterday on a community forum someone brought up privatization of the NCABC system. One chap responded in a thread where a link to my blog was posted appearing to have all the answers. When he was asked when he would have the law changed the response was crickets chirping. Herein lies the biggest issue. Even if the law can be changed and the issues resolved there is nobody willing to lead the charge. When we changed the beer laws in NC with Pop The Cap we had a charismatic individual front and center acting as point to lead the group and be the face at events and in meetings. He understood the complexities of the situation and what needed to happen to enact change. In this case the laws which need to be revised are numerous and the logistics after a law change are almost mind boggling. Thus far no one has stepped up to the plate to be the face of the cause and no absolute organization exists which has as their sole mission to change these laws. I’ve seen losing causes in other states and the reason they are not succeeding IMO is their tactics and leadership. You can draw more flies with honey than with vinegar. The only time vinegar works is when you need to knock something down, the rest of the time, at least in NC, you better be working with honey and honey everyone likes or at least does not oppose.

I’m not sure if we will ever privatize the NCABC system, but if we are to attempt it, somebody needs to take the wheel!