I’ve already hit on the topic twice with beer topics so let’s take a minute and determine what we as a state need to do with HB2. First and foremost the reason HB2 was introduced was to counteract an ordinance passed in Charlotte which would have allowed a sexual predator to claim they were transgendered and be allowed in restrooms and changing facilities of the opposite sex with no ramifications provided they did not break other laws on the books. So anyone could go anywhere simply by claiming they identify with a particular gender. I hope everyone understands a transgender person is not a sexual predator and they will go to the bathroom when they need to go where they feel most comfortable. Transgender individuals have been doing that as long as their have been transgendered humans and there have been no issues in North Carolina ever. (If you somehow believe this was an issue in the past then you are actually thinking of a sexual predator, not simply someone needing to use the bathroom.) So the first thing we need to do is have Charlotte revise their ordinance to remove the bathroom provisions. After that is accomplished we should immediately repeal HB2. I know someone is thinking that leaves us open to predators, but the law did not actually protect anyone from predators any more than a gunbuster sign protects a business from criminals. The only place HB2 even potentially protected anyone was in Charlotte and only under the specific set of circumstances where a predator claimed they were transgendered. If they broke any other law on the books (peeping, voyeurism, etc) they could still be prosecuted. So without the Charlotte ordinance there is no reason to have HB2 as it is currently written. Remove one and the other can easily go away as well. Then work together with all groups to create legislation which is fair, protective, and does not discriminate. It’s a simple and easy solution.