I saw a meme recently aimed at Hillary asking how many of the more than 800 people shot in Chicago this year were shot by NRA members. That got me thinking about the 800 number and whether or not it was true. I came across a statistics site for Chicago shootings last year and checked it for the number shot and as of the time of this post it is a staggering 904 for 2016. I have no way to verify that none of the shooters were NRA members, but I’ll bet in any case the number is very low and most, if not all, of the bloodshed is due to gang violence. I really shouldn’t badmouth Rahm Emanuel, his murder rates are similar to that of those found in the late 1960’s and those since the early 2000’s of course murders are only 163 of the 904 number. It should be noted the police are not the problem at all. They have only shot three people this year in Chicago, one person in January and two in March. Chicago has a problem and it isn’t legal guns, it is gangs and illegal firearms. Maybe one day someone in Chicago will realize no amount of restrictions on law-abiding citizens will ever reduce crime. Until then enjoy your time with Rahm.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rahm Emanuel