Typically I like a conservative investment approach in stocks which pay dividends so I am assured some form of payback even if the stock performance is flat. AFAIK most breweries and brewing companies do not offer a dividend so my approach would not allow one to invest in them. In general I think they may be a risky investment, but all investments are somewhat risky so if you find what you believe is a winner it might be a good idea to go for it. I remember back in the day watching Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) stock go from $6 to $10 and back to $8. I wanted badly to invest, but just could not see losing those funds with a bad decision. Let’s assume I had purchased 500 shares at $10 per in 1998. Today I would have over $88,000 and if I had sold at the high point in 2015 I could have walked away with over $160,000. Neither is a bad ROI for holding a stock for 18 years. Of course I am kicking myself for not risking $5,000 back then, but it would have been difficult to justify that amount of money at that time in a risky investment. I don’t see another Sam Adams in the making currently, but if you know of something to look at, please let me know. 😉