So The Fresh Market has been in the news lately for an announced policy asking customers to “refrain from bringing firearms” into their stores. Quoting the Winston-Salem Journal:

“We respectfully request that our customers refrain from bringing firearms and other weapons into our stores,” a spokeswoman for the Greensboro-based grocer said this week.

Now here’s the deal, AFAIK no one has actually seen any policy. I tried checking the website and came up with nothing. If you can actually find a written policy, please post about it in the comments. So the law in NC is crystal clear on the matter. The public entrances must be posted with a sign in order to exclude firearms or someone must tell you they are not allowed. Just putting out press releases through media outlets doesn’t mean squat. So if The Fresh Market really means to exclude firearms they must post the premises or announce to each guest to not bring them in the store.

Personally I’m not a fan of The Fresh Market and not because they want us to refrain from bringing firearms into the store, but because the only thing they have worth heading over for is the flowers. Everything else in the store can be found elsewhere for less. I’m not into paying more for a product because a store has fresh in the name. Back in the day they did have some stellar meat selections, but today I can find the same for less elsewhere so that is what I plan to do. Of course I might stroll up to the door in a few weeks to see if they actually posted the premises or if they simply want to appease a gun control group by actually doing nothing but getting some free publicity about a policy no one has actually seen.