I saw an article where a man was arrested in NJ for holding a pellet gun as part of a movie and according to NJ law the pellet gun is a firearm. What a bunch of nonsense. I can see if someone wants to treat a BB or pellet gun the same as a firearm, but to define them as a firearm shows a complete misunderstanding of how a firearm operates. First let’s look closely at the word FIREARM. It is two syllables the first being FIRE and I hope we all know the definition of that word. Someone explain to me where in the operation of a BB or pellet gun the FIRE part actually happens. If a BB and pellet gun are to be classified firearms then an airsoft gun should be as well and a water gun should be added for good measure. I can see NJ law now declaring water guns are firearms and no one ever blinking an eye. I suppose the water puts out the fire and that makes it safe? Anyway, BB & pellet guns are not firearms and they never will be, they use a spring or air to push a projectile out the end of the barrel. While a Daisy Red Ryder is probably only good to popping cans or putting your eye out, you can get some very powerful guns, but the chances of them causing a fatality are very low should an accident occur. As I said, I don’t have a problem with the law considering them similar to firearms under the law, but defining them as firearms is asinine.